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The School Planting & Development team equips and empowers leaders who desire to transform lives and communities through schools of supernatural ministry (SSMs). To help leaders build and lead thriving SSMs, we provide building blocks of how to create a supernatural school culture, school leadership team, and overall school structure. We believe that as we champion SSM leaders in pursuit of God’s vision for their schools, the kingdom of God will expand upon the earth!

School Planting & Development is a department of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

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Feature your school on our map of schools by creating a school profile. This will allow others looking for a school in your area to find out more information (e.g. location, contact information, website, promo video, etc.) about your school.

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Discover the schools in your region. As you will see on the map, there are supernatural schools of ministry all over the world. Many of these schools are currently using the BSSM Video Curriculum, while others have created their own. For more information about an individual school, please refer to its profile page.


Engage with the community of leaders leading and launching supernatural schools of ministry. You can use this platform to share testimonies of what God is doing in your school or collaborate with fellow school leaders by posting ideas, tools, questions, or prayer requests.

Join the Revival. Start a School.

All over the world, leaders are joining the call to ignite and equip generations of believers to live supernatural lifestyles. As a result, individuals, cities, and nations are encountering the love of God and are being invited to enter into His kingdom of “righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17 NIV).

The School Planting & Development team continually develops valuable resources that help leaders fulfill their vision of building and leading a supernatural school. Building blocks on how to create a thriving supernatural school culture, leadership team, and overall structure can be found in the Administrator’s Manual, the Resources page, and our SPD Blog.


Converge School Leaders Training

Gain a behind the scenes look on how to build a revival culture and the foundational principles that foster a successful supernatural school. Through this training, you will receive powerful teaching and impartation directly from our BSSM leaders who have equipped and deployed thousands of revivalists all over the world.

School Leaders Gathering

Join us for a time of connection with our BSSM leaders and SPD team as well as school leaders from around the world. This biannual gathering is open to all school leaders leading or launching a supernatural school.

School Leaders Revival Chat

Engage in the conversation about schools of supernatural ministry. Through monthly video conferences, you will gain insights from our BSSM leaders and SPD team about how to build and lead a supernatural school. These video conferences are uniquely designed to give you an opportunity to ask questions and to encourage and support you on your journey in leading a supernatural school.

Day in the Life of BSSM

Day in the Life of BSSM is a special program for leaders who are leading or launching a supernatural school. Come get an insider’s look into BSSM’s unique culture and classes. During your visit, there will also be opportunities to connect with the School Planting & Development team and BSSM leaders. Apply now to Day in the Life of BSSM in Redding, CA!



Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’s (BSSM) vision is to equip a company of revivalists to transform the world. Now you can do the same using the BSSM DVD Curriculum! This DVD curriculum and Administrator’s Manual are designed to enable churches to start schools of ministry and/or supplement their current teaching material with the supernatural. Our dynamic group of speakers including Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, Eric Johnson, Kevin and Theresa Dedmon, Dann Farrelly, Bernie Ooley, Mark Brookes, Gabe Valenzuela, Paul Manwaring, and Banning Liebscher bring transforming messages of the revival culture, inheritance, leadership, activation, healing, the prophetic and Biblical studies.

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Administrator's Manual

The Administrator’s Manual is an expansive how-to that addresses the why and how of our school’s culture, systems, schedules and daily decisions. This manual offers blueprints for building a supernatural school from the ground up and provides essential information that covers our 1st and 2nd year programs. The simple, straightforward information found in this manual can be adapted to fit any school’s size, budget and leadership style. For your convenience, we have provided many pre-made forms, which can be adapted to fit your specific needs. The information and forms included will save you hundreds of hours of preparation!



1st Year BSSM DVD Curriculum

The 1st Year BSSM DVD Curriculum is a 9-month program designed to create an environment where students can safely take risks as they learn and develop a lifestyle of character and supernatural ministry. The organization of the lessons in the curriculum sequentially follows the BSSM school year, which takes into account the emotional and spiritual development of the students.

The curriculum focuses on developing a revival culture and a lifestyle of the supernatural through teaching about our identity in Christ and how to operate in signs & wonders. These are foundational messages in the culture of revival at BSSM. There is also a strong emphasis on Biblical studies, healing, developing a prophetic culture, and demonstrating the gospel with power. Combined with worship, outreach, revival/small group, discipleship and mission trips, this curriculum will produce a well-rounded program that will activate your students in the supernatural.

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2nd Year BSSM DVD Curriculum

The 2nd Year BSSM DVD Curriculum is a 9-month program designed to build upon the 1st Year DVD Curriculum, by focusing on training in practical leadership principles, apostolic governmental structures, deeper activation of the gifts of the Spirit and more in-depth exegetical Bible study. There is also a strong emphasis on learning how to lead people and how to steward spiritual inheritance for a revival that never ends! Combined with worship, activation, revival/small group discipleship and mission trips, this curriculum will empower students to live a supernatural lifestyle while practically leading others to do the same.

Note: The Biblical Studies sessions taught by Dann Farrelly in our 2nd Year Curriculum are not a comprehensive exegesis course. We recommend that someone on your staff teaches a class on how to study the Bible. As a guideline, a syllabus and a resource list for this class are included in the Administrator’s Manual.